Wedding Speeches & Toasts Guide and Resources

Giving a wedding toast can put you under a lot of pressure. You want to make a wedding speech that leaves a good impression on the guests while showing the bride and groom how much you care. If you are not used to giving speeches in public, you might be even more nervous that you might do something wrong. Here are the top three mistakes to avoid while giving a wedding toast.Tip Number One: Avoid Getting Toasted when Toasting

You might think that having a few drinks before giving the wedding toast will help loosen you up, but it’s more likely that you will end up slurring your words, making inappropriate comments, or getting blubberingly sentimental. Know your own limits when it comes to drinking, and give your wedding speech while you are still sober. This will avoid embarrassing yourself and the bridal couple during your wedding toast.Tip Number Two: Avoid Being Invisible During Your Wedding Speech

Nothing is worse for wedding guests than having to strain every fiber in their body to see or make out what is being said in a wedding toast. Avoid inconveniencing the guests by standing up, making sure you are in a place where everyone can see you, and giving your wedding speech in a loud voice or with a microphone.Tip Number Three: Avoid Wedding Toasts that Exclude Guests

Remember that the guests who are listening to your wedding speech run the gamut from children to the elderly, from close friends of the bridal pair to the spouses of acquaintances who may only have met them a few times. Nevertheless, you want your wedding toast to make all of the guests feel comfortable and included. Avoid inside jokes that only a few people will get, lewd comments, and other questionable wedding speeches that will alienate part of the crowd.

It’s your wedding reception and everyone wants to wish you well. With so many people who want to give wedding toasts, it can get a little bit overwhelming. Here is a guide to who traditionally gives wedding toasts, and in what order.The best man is usually the one to kick off the wedding toasts. Historically, the best man offered wedding toasts to the bride, but nowadays it is much more common for him to toast both of the newlyweds. The wedding toasts from the best man are traditionally followed by the fathers of the happy couple. The groom’s father offers the first wedding toasts, followed by the bride’s father. Usually the wedding toasts from the fathers involve thanking the guests for attending, as well as toasting to the marriage of the bridal pair.

Next, the groom and then the bride offer their own wedding toasts. Usually the wedding couple’s toasts are offered to the best man, the wedding party, and both sets of parents. The groom will oftentimes offer wedding toasts to his bride, and vice versa. Although some couples may end the wedding toasts there, at other receptions there are still more people who would like to add their well-wishes to the newlyweds. The traditional order for additional wedding toasts usually includes friends and relatives, and the maid or matron of honor. The groom’s mother can offer wedding toasts, followed by the bride’s mother. After that, anyone else who wishes to offer their own wedding toasts can stand up and make their own speeches.

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