Some Great Ideas for a Country Wedding

While most wedding couples will be found having their weddings in cities which are, of course, very crowded and noisy places, there is another group which would rather have a country wedding. This is because country themed weddings take place in serene environments which are complete with privacy and fresh air as an added bonus. If you would like to have a country themed wedding but if you are at a loss as to where to start then here are some of my favorite country wedding ideas to get you started.

Flowers simply must be an integral part of any country wedding and you should ensure that the arrangement you choose has an informal and natural, even rustic style. The loose arrangements should include daisies and wildflowers which should be easily available in the country. Alternatively, you can go for potted flowers such as mums or geraniums as they will also add a splash of color and be perfect for this kind of occassion.

Most flowers are used as centrepieces and so the vessels chosen for this purpose will really matter as well. The centrepieces should help to foster a relaxed atmosphere and the best kind to use for your country wedding is usually some kind of mason jar, hand-painted pitchers, wicker baskets or even, if you are creative enough wooden boxes. Another great idea for a perfect country wedding is to use white and yellow gingham ribbons for hanging daisy pomanders from the wedding chairs.

The Dress

These days more and more brides are shying away from traditional wedding frocks in favour of more stylish and custom made pieces. If, however, you want your attire to match the country setting then you should choose a laced gown done in ivory or white. Heavier laces like Venise are advisable as well and when coupled with a quality pearl necklace and short veil will be enough to complete the look of the bride.

The bridesmaid can wear short dresses made from cotton voile and in colors such as spring green, red and yellow. The groom and his men on the other hand can choose to wear traditional tuxedos in colors that will compliment the dresses worn by the ladies.


Food also make for a great part of any wedding, country or otherwise and the best idea therefore is to have much of the food as you can made from organic produce. The favourites for most weddings are potato salads, fresh vegetables, mini sliders, fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Alternatively, you can serve your guests with some barbeque, corn and coleslaw. The presentation of the food matters as well and you should go for elegance and not just ultra casual.

For the reception you can have a mixture simple drinks like lemonade and the more sophisticated ones that can only be drank by adults (thats alcohol to you and me). A good wedding photographer is, of course essential, preferably one who is used to working outdoors and for a real flourish I recommend to all of my clients that they employ the services of an experienced and professional wedding videographer – my go to guys are Hitched – you can see their website at

Finally, the wedding favors should also be country themed and you can have things like homemade jams, hayrides and baskets of fruits for this. Combine all these country wedding ideas and you will have yourself the country wedding of your dream.


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