How To Plan The Perfect Bridal Shower

When you plan a theme for an event, it’s much easier to decide upon the décor, food, beverages, invitations, and more. I always suggest having some sort of theme or color palette for bridal showers to make it easier on the host. Help the bride relax by hosting a spa themed bridal shower. The most inexpensive way to do this is to set up the “spa” in your home.


Make sure that your invitations clearly state the theme of the bridal shower. Encourage guests to wear comfortable clothing or bathrobes and slippers or sandals. The invitation should also note what the guests should bring as gifts. Compile a list of spa related items so you’re prepared to give guests suggestions when they ask. Gifts should include a certificate for a back massage, manicure and pedicure set, scented candles, and a cashmere or luxurious bathrobe.


Let the spa items serve as the décor. You should have a couple scented candles in the main room and possibly a couple small floral displays. If you’re giving favors to the guests, have a separate table for the favors, so they also serve as decorations. Some favor ideas are scented candles, manicure set, nail polish, or lavender sachet.

Spa Stations

Set up a few different spa stations such as a manicure station, pedicure station, and facial station. You could purchase the items yourself or ask each bridesmaid to be responsible for one station. You can find most of these products in your local drugstore.

Food and Beverages

Every bridal shower needs refreshments. Serve the guests water with cucumber, lemon, and lime slices and/or mimosas to celebrate the bride. You could serve healthy options for food or you could serve a cheese display, vegetable display, and miniature desserts. Get creative with the refreshments to make the day special for the bride.

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