grooms speechThe Groom speech is the second wedding speech to be given at the reception. If you are making a Groom wedding speech there are three main areas that you have to cover.

To thank your family and friends for attending
To reassure your newly acquired in-laws that you will continue to treat their daughter as the Princess that she is
To pay a thoughtful, sincere and fitting tribute to your new Bride in front of everyone she cares most about in the world
Question: Which of the above will be remembered for as long as you live?

Answer: Well, put it this way. If you didn’t pick option 3 then you’re in the kind of trouble I can’t help you with.

What I can do, however, is to provide my clients with witty, tender, and completely unique Groom wedding speeches. Groom wedding speeches that are completely unique and will suitably impress family and friends, and which Brides will remember fondly, forever. Furthermore, I’ll write it using words that feel natural and express your feelings perfectly using just the right balance of wit and sentiment.