Martin Ridgeworth has been a professional speechwriter for over 15 years. Formerly working as a political speechwriter within the UK Parliament, his speeches have appeared numerous times on television and radio, and he is proud to number several of the current FTSE 100 companies as clients.

He is the first choice for politicians, business people and professional sportsmen speaking on the after dinner circuit; not to mention event managers, and planners responsible for many of the weddings featured in those glossy magazines.

“I know just how daunting it can be when you are alone in the spotlight with every pair of eyes in the room fixed upon you. I will make sure that your speech is remembered for all the right reasons.”

About the Service


I have fifteen years of top level speech writing experience. I have worked extensively within the UK Parliament for several different organisations. My clients include: Members of the European Parliament, company Chairmen, Directors, lobby groups, charities, corporate event organisers, athletes and retired sportsmen speaking on the after dinner circuit, not to mention wedding planners and over four hundred of their satisfied clients.


In fifteen years I have never once missed a deadline. Ever. If I make arrangements to contact a client at 3p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon to discuss an early draft, then this is precisely what I will do.


I offer a fully bespoke service, tailoring each aspect of the speech to the client’s specific requirements. In the case of social speeches, for example, I go to exceptional lengths to weave the speaker’s personal reminiscences into a coherent, unifying theme which resonate with the audience. In short, every occasion is unique. So is every speech I write.


Total discretion at all times. No excuses. No exceptions.


My first act for a new client is to send them a highly detailed questionnaire that enables me to develop a profile of not only themselves and their subject, but also the venue and the audience whom they are scheduled to address. By building an in-depth profile of the audience I can ensure that my speeches are well-paced, relevant and will strike a chord with the listener.

Speech Rhythms

Every person’s speech rhythms are unique. When I undertake an assignment I strive to match the text to my client’s natural speaking style. Put simply, if a client uses short, sharp sentences in everyday conversation I will write them a speech structured accordingly. Conversely, if they tend to wax lyrical, using language in a more poetic fashion, I will provide them with copy to reflect this.

Anxiety Management

It is impossible to overstate just how terrifying some people find speaking in public. I have many regular clients who benefit from the wide range of anxiety management techniques I provide – from visualisation and breathing exercises through to some good old fashioned support and encouragement.

Again – one of the many benefits of hiring an experienced speechwriter is that I can identify the key areas which trouble my clients and work around them.

For example, should you stumble over long words under pressure, I will write a speech consisting entirely of words of two syllables or less. If you worry that your hands will shake, then I can talk you through the coping strategies used by some of the world’s top politicians to combat this problem. (And no – I don’t mean putting your hands in your pockets!)

Delivery coaching

I present every speech in a unique format that greatly assists with timing and delivery. And how do I know that a speech will be the perfect fit for you?

Quite simply, once we have agreed on a finished draft I will listen to your delivery and re-draft any aspect that impairs your performance. As with any performance, preparation is the key to success. If it helps, I can provide an audio recording of myself delivering your finished speech at no extra charge.


In an ideal world, every client would supply me with three month’s notice before they were due to speak. Should you discover an ideal world, however, please let me know!

In reality, I prefer a minimum of four week’s notice before the date of your speaking engagement. Equally, I like to provide my speakers with a finished draft at least seven days prior to the event.

If you have an emergency request though, all I can say is please contact me and I will see if I can fit you in. I may be able to help. I may not. The only thing I can guarantee is an honest assessment of how much time I will be able to devote to your speech and how this will affect the service I can offer.